Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Individual Rights

For Google, the authority of the corporation supersedes the rights of the individual.

Google’s latest mandate – that all employees returning to work at the office must provide proof of vaccination – is yet another confirmation of Google’s view that the rights of the individual do not matter.

A number of bulwarks comprise the rights of the individual. I’ve listed them as follows, in order of putative alienability:

  • The right to free thought
  • The right to physical sovereignty
  • Property rights
  • Labour rights
  • The right to free speech
  • The right to privacy

The right to physical sovereignty represents the the second-to-last bulwark that is the rampart we call individual rights. As the state, or the corporation, tramples upon each of our rights, the rights which appear below it in the list inevitably pale in importance. Indeed, if the right to physical sovereignty no longer matters, then property rights, the right to privacy, and the right to freedom of speech become moot.

We can set about the destruction of individual rights from two directions.

By starting at the bottom of the list, we can appeal to the psychological phenomenon of the slippery slope. Annihilate the right to privacy, for example, and it’s only a small step to where the destruction of freedom of speech doesn’t appear quite as impactful.

To me, this approach is most effective when it is applied gradually. That is to say, those in power would seek to erode these rights, crumbling them bit by crumbling bit, until the last lonely bulwark – the right to free thought – remains. One can then toy with the right to free thought through various means of control, propaganda, fear, social division.

Indeed, this crumbling erosion is what we have experienced in western society over the past few decades.

The second direction – by starting at the top or middle of the list – allows one to bypass the dissolution of ‘lesser’ rights. After all, as I’ve mentioned, all ‘lesser’ rights pale in comparison when one’s higher rights have been decimated. Does one really have the right to free speech if one no longer has the right to determine for oneself what goes into one’s body? Knowing full well that one’s body is owned by the corporation or the state, how can one possibly care deeply about lesser rights? This is impossible, and to suggest otherwise is self-deceitful and disingenuous at best.

Why should we expect a corporation to care about individual rights? The short answer is, we should not. The long answer is, that the corporation only cares about individual rights insofar as they benefit the corporation. The extremely long answer is that the ultimate aim of the corporation is not profit, but domination, and that the endgame for the corporation is to maintain dominion with its employees as obedient, indentured cogs, ready to jump at the whim of corporate mandates.

We should not be surprised when corporations (and I include governments under that moniker) trample upon individual human rights. Indeed, without pushback from individuals, corporations would trample roughshod all over their employees. As it is now, corporations must, at the very least, make a perfunctory show of employee care. Without employment regulations, which arose out of the unionist movements of the 19th century, the standard western 8-hour-a-day, 5-day work week, with paid holidays, would not exist.

Interestingly, the great labour rights movements of the 19th century coincided with the push towards industrialization. New technology and new modes of production present great challenges, and inevitably a great upheaval will arise. In the 19th century, that upheaval came in the form of social pushback against the grey beast of industrialization.

What of the 21st century?

Today the challenge is far more complex. Not only do we have the relentless invasion of technology into our most sacred space – our mind – but we also have a supposed pandemic to contend with (My personal view is that both of these issues comprise a disease of the mind, but that is a digression). The combination of these factors has plunged us into a qualitatively similar situation to that which arose in the 19th century at the onset of the age of industrialization. But the question is also one of degree. The impact of Klaus Schwab’s ominous ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is greater than that of the 19th century by many orders of magnitude. Because of this, it also has greater potential to push aside the notion of the sovereign human, and to bring to reality the notion of the hive mind.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy”, is Schwab’s refrain for his Great Reset.


But what is the truth? This:

“You will have no individual rights, and you will say nothing to oppose that fact.”

We mustn’t expect corporations to support individual rights. We can only expect them to act in their own interest. In this case, it behooves Google to adopt the same party line as Biden’s federal policies – mandated vaccinations for all federal workers.

How do we stop further mandates like this? I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t think we can, or at the very least, I think it will be an incredibly difficult endeavor.

The first step is to claim your highest right: the right to free thought. Never let go of that right. Resist these mandates first in your mind. Then, when the time comes, resist by refusing their vaccines, if that is your belief. Refuse, refuse, refuse. Refuse, because it is your right to decide what goes into your body.

Like the unionists of the 19th century, it is up to us to push back. If we don’t then we will forever be forced to endure to an ever-tightening raft of incursions upon our individual rights.

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